3 August 2013

Shopping For A Home? Get Lender Preapproved First

Shopping for a brand new home can be one of the most expensive things you’ll ever have to do in your life. Because of this, it might be a good idea to be pre-approved for a loan before you even begin looking for real estate. Depending on the credit that you have, loan companies may only be able to lend you a certain amount of money. If you begin to look for homes without knowing how much you (more…)

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28 May 2013

Never Buy A Home With Three Existing Mortgages

Having just one mortgage is a major financial commitment, so if you have three it can be almost overwhelming. If you have three existing mortgages, whether it’s three mortgages on one property or mortgages on different properties, you should avoid buying another home.

Even if you can find a lender that would give you a fourth mortgage, it would be a bad idea. Four mortgage payments can severely extend you and make it difficult to make payments. And getting behind on any one of the mortgages can severely damage your credit. (more…)

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24 March 2013

Having An Open House? Bake Some Cookies First

The trick to getting the highest offers when you are selling your home is to have buyers who feel comfortable enough in your house to imagine themselves living in it. Some sellers spend a lot of money on home staging to entice buyers to write an offer. However, you can save your money by taking a few simple steps to stage your own home.

One of the most effective things you can do before your open house is bake a (more…)

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17 July 2012

Getting a Home with a Security System

Finding a home that you can truly call your own is something that most people strive for in their everyday lives. It is all part of the American dream that we have been told is ours. In the housing game, you can either have a home built or you can buy a home that has already been established. Typically, the latter is a lot more fun than the former since there are lots of neat things you can discover and incorporate as you make the home truly your own, but what do you do when the house comes with a security system from www.homessecurity.com/ or the like?

Typically, there are a few things you can do and while most people might contact the security company and have the system disconnected and taken out, you might want to reconsider. The reason is because some security companies can actually reactivate the system for you. This method can sometimes be much cheaper than having them take out the old system and then having you decide somewhere down the road that you would like a system installed. Plus, some systems have been known to have a positive effect on what you pay in housing insurance, not to mention some systems even come with direct links to emergency services. If you happen to purchase a home that already has a system installed, think about it before you have it disconnected – it could come in handy.

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22 May 2012

Curb Appeal! The Answer To A Quick Sale

How many times has the TV shows said that curb appeal is the answer to a quick sale? The first thing a potential buyer sees when the come in contact with the home is the outside. Curb appeal can make or break a sale.
It does not matter what price range one is working in, the home with the best curb appeal will be the one to sell first. People will compromise a bedroom or even a bathroom, if the home has a charm that seems (more…)

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9 May 2012

Selling Your Home? Declutter All The Rooms First

When looking to sell your home, there are so many things you’ll want to take into consideration. From listing your home for a reasonable price to make sure you’ve found a new place to move to, there is a lot of work that is involved.

Now, in order to improve your chances of selling your home, you will want to make sure you declutter your rooms first. Why is reducing clutter so important when selling a home?

More space: A cluttered home looks very small, very unorganized (more…)

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5 May 2012

Never Fall In Love With Homes You Can’t Afford

Buying a home is a big step in a life. Finding the right home at the right price can be a challenge. It will take some effort to find a property that fulfills your needs and is affordable. One issue that many new home buyers run into is looking at homes before they know how much they can afford.

There are lots of homes on the market. It makes sense to find out the maximum home amount that (more…)

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3 May 2012

Fixer-Upper Home Shopping? Bring A Contractor With You

The current real estate market favors home buyers. Foreclosures are at record highs. Lenders are offering interest rates that have not been seen in decades. These two factors make purchasing a home ideal, and many people like to purchase property for as little as possible. A fixer upper is one option that appeals to many people. Shopping for a handyman’s special home should be done with the experienced eye of a contractor. These professionals fix homes every day and can spot all the problem areas with ease. They also (more…)

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1 May 2012

It’s Not Always Location, Location, Location

If you just moved to a new city and needed a home to purchase, if you contacted five different real estate agencies or brokers, you could bet your last silver dollar that at least three out of the five agents would mention that one word ingrained in their sales playbook: Location. Using a little common sense, breaking it down it means: “you can buy the right home in the wrong location or the wrong home in the right location”, so the real estate agent is probably going to steer you into a “location” where (more…)

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